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Sunset 2-8-0 H8/9 ????  

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Gang, I have just acquired a Sunset ( pre 3rd Rail ) Pennsy 2-8-0 H8/9 made by DONGJIN in Korea.  It is painted as 3461, but will need a few touch-ups and some light weathering along with DCC and Sound.  Have a few questions:

1 ... Difference between a  H8 and 9?  2 ...     Which one is this model? 3 ...    Were these factory paint?     4 .. DCC ready? as in motor isolation, etc?      5 ... Any known problems with this model? ... Drive?     6... Recommendations for a Sound decoder?  and 7 ... maybe most important! Did any H8 / 9's have Tuscan paint on cab roof?    Thanks, Bruce in Mount Airy, MD 

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This is an early Sunset "H8/9" painted for B&O. Not exact, as you will see below, but fairly close.

B&O got 262 2-8-0's of PRR's H-6a design between 1902 and 1904, when the PRR was managing it following a disastrous bankruptcy in the 1890's.

B&O had exhausted its reserves and deferred maintenance on the western parts of its system, in order to reach into the lucrative NY area freight market.

While under PRR management with Lenoir F. Loree in charge as president, B&O became a stronger and better equipped railroad. By 1906, it was out of bankruptcy and PRR management.

PRR steam locomotive designs were used in replacing some of the old B&O power from 1900 to 1905.

Included were 2-8-0's of Class E-24: 182 were built by ALCo's Richmond VA works, 55 at ALCo's Pittsburgh works, and 25 more by Rogers in NJ.

A ninety-one of them were made into L-1 and L-1a 0-8-0 switchers by 1925.

Aside from incorrect lettering color (it should be imitation gold, not white) it has a correct number.

The front and back headlights are in a strange "looking up" position, which was how it was made.

It will take some paint removal and re-soldering work to fix them. 

Then, correct the lettering and do additional, more prototypical paint work and it should look better.