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Smoke Box paint color?  

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Gang, have a USRA Heavy Mike that came to me custom painted as Erie # 3209. Very nice with what I think is the "just right" weathering.   It's a long story, ( started with one of the markers out, then why not add lit number boards? and down the rabbit hole I went ) but the smoke box front needs to be 80% repainted. Wondering what color you use to get that graphite look? I realize I may be best off to just repaint the front, but want a close enough match to the boiler section --- yeah, yeah, I don't want much he said....   Thanks, Bruce in Mount Airy, MD

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"....that graphite look" covers a bit of territory! 😉  - I have a canister of Dixon's Flake Graphite on the shelf, but I've never been able to open it......

Maybe take a look at Lark Light Grey or Lark Dark Grey depending on your definition of what color graphite is at any given moment.

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You might try Scalecoat's graphite and oil offering as a starting point. Might be able to lighten or darken to a match if not close enough as is. Scalecoat is now made by Minuteman Models - see minutemanscalemodels

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