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21/07/2020 3:26 pm  

Hello fellow O scale 2 Railers,

Hello O scale 2 Railer's, with the 2020 convention canceled due to the virus, the O scale Kings Hall of Fame ballot has been trying to slip through the cracks. We are determined not to let that happen. So just a quick bit of background, and I wish I knew more of the history to share with you, but this apparently started in 1993. 

Shortly after I became president, we made a change to the process. The O scale Kings decided to take ownership of the Hall of Fame. By so doing we decided that the voting process would be limited to paid members of the O Scale Kings. This was done largely because of accusations of ballot box stuffing with the old "vote early, vote often" concept being in play. The O scale Kings Board of Directors is trying to be wise stewards of the funds we receive and thus have decided to do voting online only. Printing and mailing of forms is so.... If you're like me and kind of Tech challenged and want some help with this online voting process, please contact me directly and I will find someone that can help you.

Thanks for your understanding. You can go to the O scale Kings website ( ) To see all of the past Hall of Framer's. These are listed by year / location and by clicking on the blue highlighted date you can see the write up.   ( If you know history that we are missing on our website, PLEASE share it with me ) We are seeking nominations for two individuals. The first should be of the "old guard" and The second of a more modern era.

From our website:

  • The following is the criteria for consideration of candidates for the O Scale Hall of Fame. This criteria should be centered around those whom were early adopters, promoters and persitent proponents of 2-rail O scale (including outside third rail) either as individuals or groups as well as those who are currently involved and having an impact on the 2-rail O scale hobby today.
  • Has the individual manufactured or imported any products that have greatly impacted the 2-rail O scale hobby?
  • Has the individual developed any significant standards that have been adopted and are currently in use in the 2-rail O scale hobby?
  • Has the individual been influential in organizing significant clubs, groups or shows that continue to support the 2-rail O scale hobby?
  • Has the individual shared knowledge freely in order to aid or assist others in the 2-rail O scale hobby ?

We would like to announce this year awards at the September O scale Midwest meet,

We would love to see your face there, (at least that portion of you not covered by a mask), but attendance is not required to submit a nomination or two or to vote. ( Membership in the O Scale Kings IS required to vote, so sign up now at   ) Please submit your nominations to me directly at The timeline looks like this: nominations will be accepted until end of day August 1, EDT. Online voting by the general membership of the O scale Kings will be conducted online and started by August 8 and will be completed by August 22 EDT. Announcement of winter/winners will be made at the general membership meeting held during the O scale Midwest show.

Thanks, Bruce

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19/08/2020 2:09 pm  

REMINDER !!!   Hall of fame voting ends this coming Sat. (8-22-2020)  Please vote