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[Sticky] Official O Scale Forum Moderator Protocol  

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O Scale Forum Moderator Protocol

Community moderators are volunteers who help grow the O Scale Forum as a central place for O Scale 2 Rail discussion on the internet. Moderators help to foster a safe, healthy, fun and helpful online OS2R community. Below are guidelines that moderators will follow.

  1. Know the O Scale Forum Guidelines
    1. Simple, yet important. Moderators must know the guidelines they enforce. If you have questions about the guidelines, contact the administrators.
  2. Be reasonable and use common sense
    1. The administrators trust our moderators to use their discretion in the application of the moderator authority. Forum members can appeal warnings and strikes.
  3. Help new OS2R modelers feel welcome
    1. OS2R is a small community that will grow over time. New modelers will need time to learn the nomenclature and customs of the Scale. If a new modeler asks a question in the wrong forum or topic, that is not a violation. If you sense that someone is trolling or not genuinely seeking knowledge, then use your discretion to take the appropriate action.
      1. Ex 1: A new member asks about On30 in the On3 forum asking how to get started.
        1. A moderator will move the thread into the proper forum and notify the Original Poster (OP) by Private Message (PM) that the thread was moved. This is not a violation.
      2. Ex 2: A Proto:48 modeler posts in the OW5 forum that “P:48 rules and OW5 drools.” Ex. 2a: “Joe Smith is a (redacted) and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” These are violations.
    2. Protocol for issuing warnings and strikes
      1. Save the post by copying the material in the form of a screenshot or by copying/pasting the text into a word document.
      2. Send the Original Poster (OP) a PM with the offending post. The PM must include the post and what guideline it violates. The PM subject will be “Guideline Violation”.
      3. Repeat (a) and (b) for second offense.
      4. Upon third offense, repeat (a) and (b). Contact an administrator and the poster will be temporarily banned.
      5. Anything more than a temporary ban will be handled by the administrators.
    3. Add relevant and helpful commentary to the forum
      1. Moderators will be looking out for violations on the forum. That does not mean they cannot participate in the conversation. They take part in the conversation, and are encouraged to “lead by example” and be in the forums with everyone.
    4. Moderators report serious issues to the administrators
      1. If there is a violation that a moderator believes warrants a perma-ban, they must let the administrators know. They will handle violations that moderators believe ought to result in a permanent ban.
    5. Personal Information
      1. Responsibility to avoid posting personal information rests with the poster. That said, moderators must remove personal information, i.e. telephone numbers and addresses, from the public forums.