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GP30 ... Who Did it best?  

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Gang, My Dad had a set of GP30's on his HO layout, painted for his railroad, MASON DIXON. I wish to do a tribute pair in O 2 rail. My question is, who did the best GP30 in O 2 rail? And why?  I have 4 NJCB units on my not so accurate inventory sheet ( started long after I started in O Scale 2 Rail and suffered a couple of computer crashes ... I am a poor driver ) I can only lay my hands on 2 of the 4 ... 1 Pennsy unit with antenna, 1 non Pennsy without.  Both are in sub assemblies. My Dad's had no antenna, but I like "junk" on models, so antenna will work for my tribute set. Before I set out to buy / trade one of my NJCB units, thought I might ask if I should go another way ... MTH? Overland? I will need to go DCC, so does that factor in motor wise ( Isolation? )   Thanks, Bruce in Mount Airy, MD 

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Bruce - unfortunately I have no opinion on who did the GP30 best.  But I do have an opinion on antennas and "junk."  The more the merrier.  I think a Centipede with a full length antenna is a beautiful thing.  I am now beginning to appreciate electric locomotives and pantographs (but I still think electric automobiles are scandalous!).  I love the innovation of diesel cabs that emerged out of Canada.  I have not been a huge steam fan, but love UP's Big Boy, John Armstrong's blending of steam and the modern era, and anything Shay.  They all go beyond the mundane.  I think it is awesome that you will go beyond the mundane by doing a tribute to your dad, but by adding your personal twist.  Looking forward to seeing the project unfold.