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Smoke units --- Do you use?  

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Gang, My Dad had a SD-45 in the EMD Demo paint on his layout, so when one showed up in O Scale 2 Rail, I got it, it being a MTH model. I have since added a NCE decoder with a soundtraxx Sound decoder. This is / was to be a "cheap" fun project. I had found both decoders in a box of DCC stuff I got in a trade ... (my cash for his stuff!) With the help of the gang on the JMRI group, I have sound and forward/reverse headlights, Ditch lights that flash side to side when the horn is blown, cab lights. I think the loco was a factory 2 rail piece  ( no Box ) and has what I think is a PS1 smoke unit. Now my questions  .... 1: Do you use any locos with smoke? Or just turn them off? 2: Why for both? 3: anyone ever tried to hook one of these units to a decoder? 4: if so, How did you do it?   Thanks, Bruce in Mount Airy, MD  

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In the very first issue of O Scale Resource (Dan Dawdy's on-line magazine) Dan has an article on how to use a low-current Tsunami decoder in an Atlas RS-1 with China drive. Among other things Dan did to get this to work , he used a low-current relay he could safely close with one of the Tsunami function outputs, and had the relay turn on and off the high-current smoke unit that was stock in the Atlas RS-1. The issue is dated Sept/Oct 2013, and should be available on the O Scale Resource website. Personally, I wouldn't bother with a smoke unit since it's enough of a challenge keeping track clean as it is. Dan obviously wanted to keep one of the most endearing features of Alcos - copious amounts of think, black exhaust that made them "honorary steam engines". Not sure how smoky an SD-45 could or would be...

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I seldom run smoke in my engines because they quickly fill my small layout room with smoke.  Joe Barker

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Yes, smoke was a novelty but now only used for non-railroad visitors and grand kids. Out of seven units only three have smoke units set up line my article. Every once in awhile it's fun just to fire them up 😉

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Never bothered with this feature, but then again, if one of my trolleys or box cabs were smoking I'd be rather worried.