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Gang, I seem to remember seeing a place on the web for help selecting DCC decoders for O Scale 2 Rail. But now that I need some info, I can not find anything for O Scale. I have 2 Locos I want to do add DCC / Sound to. #1 -  a Sunset (not 3rd Rail)  Pennsy 2-8-0 and #2 - A  Early MTH SD-45.   Thanks, Bruce in Mount Airy, MD   

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I am new to the world of sound decoders. However, the decoder I use on my engines is the TSU-4400 . It's deadrail compatible as well. I've been very happy with it.

I don't know of any other O Scale sound decoders out there right now. I'm curious what else it out there.


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You might want to check out offerings from LokSound and QSI, both offer sound decoders that will handle O scale current requirements. Sunset 3rd Rail engines come with QSI decoders. I have a couple and they're OK. Jay Criswell at can probably speak for LokSound, I think he has used them in his custom re-powering jobs. I'm with Nick, Tsunami TSU-4400 series for my own installations (and very happy with the results).


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ESU Loksound 'L' decoders are very good, they don't take up as much space as the 'XL' which helps with U.S. narrow-hood diesels.

QSI are also good, and I have also used a TCS Wowsound decoder in my Atlas GP35. Although this is an HO rated decoder, I wired the motors in series & it works just fine. Top end speed is down a bit but that's of little consequence on my layout.

I have used an HO Soundtrax Tsunami in my Atlas SW1200RS which is a single-motor drive, and a "boosted" 3Amp Tsunami supplied by Protocraft in an Atlas SD40.

But to be honest I'm no fan of Tsunami decoders; I find them very 'fussy' - on even the cleanest track they can stutter & the sound drop out where other decoders have no problems, and the horn sounds are pretty feeble too - all the other decoders I've mentioned above have horn sounds that blow Tsunami out of the water, almost literally!!!