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Thanks John Wubbel!  

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A big thanks to John Wubbel for pointing me to the O Scale Forum and thanks for having me!  I look forward to learning lots and sharing with members of this forum!

I am a long time model railroader having got started in the 1960s when my twin brother and I inherited our eldest brother's Lionel O Scale trains.  As a child I had Marx S Scale trains but eventually graduated to HO scale.  My brother and I - with our Dad's help - built a 4x16 foot HO Scale layout that we ran for many years.  I moved away from the hobby in my teens and was away from the hobby for many years.  Getting married and buying a house got me back into model railroading!  I had to do something with that basement!

I moved into O Scale in the late 1990s.  I started building an around the wall switching layout based on the Belt Railway of Chicago but never completed the benchwork before we moved to a larger basement!  I started building my O Scale dream layout based on John Armstrong's Pocahontas Junction track plan in a 1954 issue of Model Railroader (I could be mistaken on the year of that issue!).  A move from Canada to the United States in 2014 ended that layout, but I am glad to say I did get trains running!  My O Scale stuff (and an extensive collection of HO Scale Belt Railway of Chicago equipment) moved with me but stayed in boxes.  This past January I decided to start modelling again and to build a small switching layout.  My current house lacks a basement, but I figured a small layout is better than no layout.

I have been doodling track plans based upon John Armstrong's Pratt Street Manufacturers' Railway plan in the May 1954 issue of MR.  I am far from finished my doodling, so in the interim I have been collecting more rolling stock and have started building a TR2/TR3 cow and calf unit based on All Nation's NW2.  I am also building the Rock Products Bunker from the Oct-Nov-Dec 1954 issues of MR.  In the future I will be building the Leming Compressed Gas Factory from the March 1971 MR.  I look forward to sharing my track planning and modelling with members of the forum!


Gord Clarry